Finally a diplome!

Third Year College students welcome and embrace their results after a long wait

-Harsha Wadhwani

Mumbai University this year took more than four months to declare the results of final year examinations conducted at the university which actually created a lot of hassle amongst the students. The college authorities were in a helpless circumstance as well. There were also students who protested, but eventually did not completely succeed in their attempts to sue the university. Being through a heap of controversies and heated arguments, facing rigorous agitations, the University of Mumbai finally managed to declare the results of few courses like B.M.S, B.Com and B.M.M. Taking one specific course into account, total number of students that appeared for the examination of B.M.M were 4,433 out of which 955 students failed. The overall passing percentage as per the data provided by the University this year narrowed down to 66.70 per cent.

The results of several other courses are still awaited. Mumbai University has already crossed three of its deadlines, the most recent one being 31st August 2017 which, can be said, is partially achieved. Never the less this is a very special moment for the ones who got their results and here we have some students sharing their joy of finally graduating.

Siddhi Idnani
After three years of happiness, love, sweat and not to forget tears finally a graduate from RD National College.

Aasiya Hussain
Finally a graduate with God’s grace Alhamdulillah #BMMGRADUATE

Farisha Ganatra
First Milestone Unlocked. Long way to go. All set for the journey ahead. #BMM Graduate

Trishala Sharma
Finally a graduate, the journey began with the question “Why did you choose BMM?” and also where I couldn’t decide whether I fit in Ad or Journalism and today is the day where I Topped. These three years have been incredibly beautiful. Hard Work led to unlocking this milestone. #SigningOffInStyle #BMMGRADUATE

Nikita Parulekar
Finally a BMM Graduate. Just can’t believe that this day has finally arrived after waiting for so long.

Honey Gagwani
Visarjan done and results out! Congratulations to all 2016-17 batch Graduatessss… It was as though a decade ago that we gave our exams and results are finally here. Finally a Graduate!

Saily Wagh
Finally graduated after so much delay. Passed BMM and could reach here with these supportive people like Aman Tak, Rajeshwari Patil, Khushi Giri, Revati Rawlani. Love you’ll thanks a lot for being there. It was amazing time to update you guys with everything and to learn FM sums at the end from you all. A friend like Rakshandha Mayekar who use to talk for hours and stick by my side love you, three YEARS a Roller coaster ride of Cutting Chai and studies can’t believe it is an end to college life, can’t believe yet that I Graduated.

Dhananjay Khatri
Amidst heavy monsoon and far away from home, finally tagged as a “BMM GRADUATE” Great timing indeed!

Riddhisha Brahmbhatt‎
Drishti Ramchandani wouldn’t have done this without you and your mum’s food. Thank you. #wearegraduatesyayayay

Ashwinee Vaidya
Three years of memories, hard work, happiness and patience has come to an end. Thank you Mumaa and Baba for being my biggest support system Anju, Vivek, Falguni, Sneh, Tanvi, thank you for enjoying this journey with me. Girls, this calls in for some celebrations! Congratulations to all my batch mates, we did it! Done and dusted #BMMGRADUATE.

Tanvi Chakke
The wait is over and the results are out, Finally a BMM Graduate!

Sneh Singh
Finally the wait is over officially a BMM graduate .Three most wonderful years with most amazing people thank you soo much maa and papa for your blessings. Thank you Ashwinee Vaidya, Tanvi Chakke and Falguni Nemlekar for always being there through the tough times. Will miss you all. Let the journey begin hereafter.

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