Festive Mani!

Navratri is here! And so is the fun and frolic, the time of the year which you pre plan to flaunt your look – right from your hair to toes! So, have you sorted your Garba Dress? Sussed out your makeup look and hair? Now it’s time to turn your attention to the perfect party manicure. Whether you’re in the maximilist or minimalist party dressing camp, glitter nails are perfect for adding polish to your Garba Look. Not sure where to start? We got you an easy glitter nails tutorial to try at home. If you want a really subtle look keep the glitter to just your ring fingers, or up the ante by applying to every digit.

Suchitra Mohanta

*Apply one coat of the nail base coat and allow to dry.
*Apply two coats of the nail color you want to wear in the dance night and allow the first coat to dry before applying the second in order to avoid the colour dragging.
*Add glitter polish by wiping excess polish from the brush then dabbing onto nails for the perfect glittery effect. Apply to just one digit for subtle sparkle or apply to every nail for all-out glitz.

*Never apply a top coat over a glitter as this will cause the glitter to have less sparkle and shine.
*Not rolling the bottle to mix up the glitter with the lacquer is a mistake lots of people make. The glitter is heavy so it will sink to the bottom of the bottle, this is when people feel the need to apply so many coats to get a good coverage. You can even apply a blob of glitter onto a foil and using a dotting tool, nail art brush or orange stick you can pick up the pieces of glitter and apply them exactly where you want them, for a neater finish.
*Always clean the neck of the bottle with remover to prevent excess product from drying up there, otherwise you won’t be able to tighten the bottle properly , allowing air to the lacquer causing it to thicken.
*Use an acetone based remover (not pure acetone!). Hold a wipe or cotton pad soaked with remover onto the nail for a good few seconds and begin to rub the lacquer off. You can even soak them off as if they were gels, using foils and cotton pads/wipes wrap them up for five minutes and then remove. Gently buff off any excess glitter if necessary.

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