Alive Like Never Before

8 soul-stirring travel experiences you should go for.

If you think about it, our world is kind of a magical wonderland. The unfathomable beauty in all its extremes, inspiring awe in every way imaginable, does lend it that fantastical quality, wouldn’t you say? And it is this very wonder that drives our urge to travel, see the the world, experience every bit of magic it has to offer.

Well, if you’re wondering where to go next for one of those very experiences that make life in this marvellous world worth it, then we’ve got just the list for you.

Swim in Jellyfish Lake: Palau

Home to millions of harmless jellyfish, a swim in this lake promises to be an out of this world kind of an adventure.

Rappel down a waterfall: Costa Rica

Witness the magnificent 100ft King Louis Waterfall in all its glory up close.

Trek over the frozen river in Ladakh: India

Walking over the icy sheet that is the Zanskar River during the winter month, will be a trek like no other.

Take a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon: USA

See this truly grand American landmark as the Gods see it – from the skies. And you will never be the same again.

Explore the salt desert in Rann of Kutch: India

Witness the rolling barren lands of this awe-inspiring desert. The moon light and camel rides will certainly add to the allure.

Stay in an igloo:  Canada

Immerse yourself in Northern Quebec’s scenic beauty by staying at a modern rendition of the Inuit ancestral haven.

Swing at the end of the world: Ecuador

A swing over a deep abyss at Ecuador’s La Casa Del Arbol will make your entire trip worth it.

Walk on water in Salar de Uyuni: Bolivia

The world’s largest salt flat is more than just a geological marvel. It is an experience waiting to be had.

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