A second chance for your skin!

Here are easy ways to get a perfectly luminescent and glowing skin

-Harsha Wadhwani

Every skin tone is lovely, but what does that loveliness mean? It means the skin should look luminescent, glowing and that is possible only when you’re skin is maintained well. May it be your body or your house it all needs proper maintenance in order to look good. Lydia Sarfati a leading Esthetician with over 40 years of experience shares her wise piece of advice with us, as to how you can get the perfect glowing skin in a candid conversation.

When asked about daily care and how to maintain the skin she says, “Being the Representative and founder of Repechage, which means second chance, for the last 37 years I have provided second chance for men, women and children to have beautiful skin. So when it comes to Daily care what is really important are three steps; Exfoliation, Hydration and Protection. If everyone just basically incorporates these three very important steps into their daily routine they will have beautiful skin for the rest of their life.”

Elaborating further on these three steps she told us how you can achieve skin that brings outyour inner beauty

It’s important to never go to sleep with your makeup on, so you should deep cleanse remove all the makeup and exfoliate, because while you sleep your skin rejuvenates. It performs its task to overcome all the damage caused during the day for that your skin needs to breathe. But the extra layers of makeup covering over your skin block the skin, blocks the skin.

It means that using a product which is hydrophilic not hydrophobic it has fluid, likes serums which are able to get absorbed into stratum conium which is the outermost layer of your skin. If you want a glowing skin then you need that layer to be hydrated in order to look smooth and not have fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s very important to provide protection especially during the day. The best way to protect your skin from the heat, pollution and germs is to use zinc oxide. Today zinc oxide formulations are you know very light, invisible but they are very protective they also help in adding the anti bacterial factor to daily care specially in places like Mumbai where you have a lot of humidity.

There are certain other things that people need to take care. Daily care also involves maintaining good health and hygiene habits. They are as follows.

Use a tissue paper
It is noticed that people walk around on the street and they constantly wipe their face with their hand or using the sari that’s wrapped around them. That actually is the addition of an element of bacteria which leads to break outs. You should wipe your face the extra moisture but use tissue paper for the purpose.

Drink lots of water
Because of the humidity and then air condition you have dehydration of the skin. So you have a lot of fine lines that you can notice in your skin, they are not necessarily crinkles. Crinkles are different than these fine lines on the skin due to dehydration. You need to hydrate your skin and for that first of all you need to hydrate your body by drinking lots of water.

Don’t use your nails on your skin
This one is applicable for sensitive skin especially if you are prone to breakouts and acne. You get the itching sensation on your skin and then you end up either scratching for skin or bursting the pimples with your nails which is not good. It’s very important that proper facial treatment should be done by keeping in mind your skin condition. Also for this type of skin it’s advisable that they should avoid getting a steam because the hot steam on sensitive skin is reactive.

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