Cricket icons portray their faith through tattoos

Our Indian cricketers are an inspiration to many not just for the sportsman they are but also for their style sense. These young and sporty men have a soft corner for tattoos, and their inked designs make a style statement of their own.

-Priyanka Chandani

absVirat Kohli the heartthrob of Indian sports has three tattoos on both his arms onelinking to his sun sign ‘Scorpio’ and the other is a Japanese Samurai warrior. His tattoo expresses the daredevil in him.

As the trends change quite quickly and the new, ultra-modern generation of young men entering the cricket field. They have defined many things and today the sportsmen have all gone freak with their passion for tattoo that includes their deep thoughts behind their tattoo selection.

‘Bhajji’ popularly called the militant sportsman Harbhajan Singh shows up his ‘Faith’ tattoo on his right hand which shows that he trusted his roller-coaster journey of his dreams and left it all the faith.


To dig into the trends and sports celebs artistic persuasions for tattoos, Absolute India spoke with city’s celebrated Tattoo studio Al’s (Alva’s) Tattoo Studio director Olly Alva based in Bandra. Alva’s studio has inked cricket celebrities like Murali Vijay, Suryakumar Yadav and Ambati Rayudu from Indian Premier League, IPL by drawing their fancies and convictions on their body.

“For celebrities drawing tattoo is a ritualistic practice, it is more of a meditation since it takes them to the other level of understanding of pain. Pain is all in the mind says Olly. “it helps them to push their mind towards rising from the boundaries of the body” he adds.

The ex-bowler of Indian cricket team S. Sreesanth falling into the IPL match fixing controversy has a deep trust in overcoming with difficult times and hence it seems that he has got himself an angel tattoo on his right arm. It also has angel wings and a rosary with ‘Om’ which symbolizes focus for him.


The batsman Shikhar Dhawan is simply a tattoo freak. His tattoo has synthesis of tribal and western meanings on both his hands also stating ‘Ayesha’ his wife’s name linked to it. The tattoo that often comes into notice is the word ‘Carpe Diem’ that conveys ‘seize the day’ in Latin cliché.

Explaining more on the approach behind their selection of designs Alva said “they are certainly different not just by getting a different sort of tattoo but their lifestyle however as celebrities they want people to connect with them, their idea of tattoos are hailing from their roots and views to make it more personal.” “Moreover they want their faith to be portrayed through tattoo.”

Other cricketers like Suresh Raina, brilliant bawler Umesh Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja to have most eye catching tattoos made on their arms meaning to their vivacious beliefs.

It seems that when they are not busy putting runs on the scoreboard, these cricket icons are engaged in a lively game of on-upmanship in the body art department.

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