Outdoor Salons a shifting urban statuesque

Gone are the days when household remedies were the dominant option to upsurge the beauty. With the emerging trends the country is exposed to various salons and spas to pamper their customers. Sitting on the chair and enjoying your favorite TV show or a soothing music to the ears is also one of the positives that the salons owe these days.

-Priyanka Chandani

Just two years back hearing that people flying to Mumbai from various parts of the country for their monthly French salon treatment was a bizarre. People travel to international locations and are exposed to global brands and trends also driven from social media, more women are experimenting with their look.

Shifting the statuesque 

From hair spa to coloring their hair styles, the look changes with every visit which indeed helps in building the self confidence in a woman. Similarly few years ago if a man wanted a haircut, he went to the local barbershop, the kind with posters of film stars with gravity-defying hairdos on the walls. Women who wanted their tresses snipped or eyebrows threaded went to a nearby beauty parlor, usually for ‘ladies only’ and run by an enterprising neighborhood woman. However with the time and people’s exposure to the west the comfort of man and women has increased to share the same occupancy for their beauty treatment and hence, the growth of unisex salon chains is changing all that. For many this is the most fascinating and positive approach towards the salon and spa industry since it accommodates the both and one does not have to feel shy while coming out from a local beauty parlor tagged as ‘ladies Only’ or ‘for men’.

Complete therapy

Lakme and Naturals beauty salons are considered to be the pioneers in the industry and with the growing awareness and sensitivity towards the appearance every second day a new spa is getting inaugurated in the country at large.

Increasingly going beyond haircuts salons see them getting pedicures, manicures and facials, and even getting their hair colored.

Desire of looking good

Though visiting a branded salon may limit our ability to expand, it helps us follow a consistent process and centralize key functions. So of the salons sticking to big cities as going beyond them might mean lowering prices and the brands seem not wanting to fiddle with the prices too much, may be because others have got into trouble doing what and trying to be too many things to too many people.
Global becoming local
Besides Indian chains, global ones too are making their presence felt since Indian salon industry is changing rapidly. While demand is no problem, what could stand in the way of salon chains’ expansion is the lack of skilled stylists and that seems to be a challenge since the brand salon owners should have expert artists trained under their own environment to understand the complexity and the content of the brand salon.

Beauty at the door

Venture beyond residential areas towards the more commercial hubs and parlors morph into ‘salon-cum-spas’, ‘image enhancement centers’, and ‘beauty clinics’ offering everything from painless waxes and laser hair removal to botox, exotic body wraps and ‘complete sliming solutions’. Beauty training is in demand too, new generation young women is gearing up to become makeup artists, nail art technicians, massage therapists, hair stylists and beauticians.

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