The House Next door Movie Review

Film:- The House Next door
Cast: Sidharth, Andrea Jeremiah, Atul Kulkarni, Anisha Victor
Director: Milind Rau

-Jitendra Kumar

A horror film made in India can really be scary, has been proved by the latest release, The House Next Door. The Film starring Siddharth, Andrea Jeremiah, Anisha Victor and Atul Kulkarni is the dubbed Hindi version of the Tamil horror film, Aval. .

The story strts with Neurosurgeon Krishnakanth (Siddharth) and his wife Lakshmi (Andrea Jeremiah) who are a young happily married couple but everything turns upside down when their new neighbours Atul Kulkarni (Paul), his father, his wife (Lizzy) and their two daughters, Jennifer/Jenny (Anisha Victor) and Sara move in next door.

As it happens in most horror films, the D’Costa villa is haunted. As soon as the family begin the housewarming process, the horror story unfolds. The teenager Jenny suddenly jumps into a well outside the house. Siddharth dives in to save her. Now the plot begins to unfold and continues to spook till the climax. Sequence after sequence brings in horror plots. There are usual elements of psycho analysis, black magic and exorcism as a psychologist, a maid, a priest and a ‘tantrik’ are roped in to ward off devil in the house.

The end is neither a big suspense nor a shock. What makes the film scary is the way it plays with audiences’ fears and anxieties. There are similarities and the movie reminds us of horror flicks made in Hollywood like The Conjuring, The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Siddharth as a medical prodigy is a stunning actor in his role. Other than him, Andrea Jeremiah catches our attention with her strong screen performance. The chemistry between the madly-in-love Siddharth and Andrea is quite beautiful. Atul Kulkarni as the patriarch of the D’Costa family has done justice to his role. The best role goes to Anisha Victor, who makes you cringe when she is possessed by the devil.

The director Milind Rau has treated the storyline with different kind of horror. He has proved that horror films need not be scary with ugly faces and eerie noises. He didn’t try to frighten the audience with such gimmicks.

If you are willing to watch a movie with Hollywood touch in Hindi, it is perfectly suitable for you.

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