Conductor ‘wronged’, Kin to file case against Gurugram Police

Wrongly accused, Kumar’s family to to file a case.

-Vinayak Sharma

The family of ‘wronged’ bus conductor of the Ryan International School, Ashok Kumar, in the Pradyuman murder case is collecting capital from the villagers to file a case against Gurugram Police for framing their son as a murderer.
“It is almost totally clear now, that my son was wrongly arrested and made a scapegoat. Our family has decided to file a case against Gurgaon Police and specific SIT officers who were involved in framing him and used torture and even drugged him to confess before the media that he murdered Pradyuman,” said Amirchand, Ashok’s father.

He further added that as the family is not financially strong to afford the legal matters, they have decided to collect the money from the villagers. He also added, “Villagers are like our family members and everyone is so disturbed with the Ashok’s arrest , everyone has decided and demanded to file a case against Gurugram Police officials for their irresponsible and corrupt nature. For this, they are helping us financially to move ahead against this unwanted ‘FRAMED’ investigation”.

On Wednesday, CBI announced that an 11th standard student from the school has been arrested as a suspect to Pradyuman’s murder, on Tuesday night. They also stated that police investigation in arresting Ashok and labelling him as a culprit was their handiwork. According to the CBI, there was no evidence against Ashok Kumar, which could prove him the murderer.

Opposition targeted Haryana government and CM Manohar Lal Khattar for showing irresponsible and careless behaviour towards the society.

CBI also claimed that the knife, said to be a murder weapon by the Gurugram police, was a planted evidence as the knife was found in the commode of the toilet of Ryan International School few days after the murder and arrest of Ashok Kumar.

Allegations and further demands
Ajay Yadav, former Minister Haryana, Congress, demanded a strict inquiry against three DCPs and SIT members who made the “innocent conductor” a scapegoat. “Why did the SIT not quiz the 16-year-old student as he was the one who informed gardener Harpal Singh about the incident. The role of police officials should also be investigated by higher agency such as CBI,” he said.

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