Leaving a mark of their art with utmost creativity

Anil Gupta and his student Sunny Bhanushali the celebrated tattoo artists of the country have recently graced a tattoo workshop organized by Aliens Tattoo Studios at Malad.

-Priyanka Chandani

The artists have advised the participants about the basics of ink art while giving them live demonstration. The duo gets candid with Priyanka Chandani on their quest of art and the forces behind their outstanding work precisely.

 Do tattoo artist require any specific qualification or certification?

Anil Gupta: There is no authority available. Certification and Authority has an agenda, limitation and rules and it cannot limit an artist. However, certification is necessary for someone to be allowed to Tattoo as far as hygiene and material is concerned.

Sunny Bhanushali: We need certification to know that each individual is qualified, artistically and medically to Tattoo, when i say medically it’s very important that each artist understands the importance of hygiene aspects involved in this Art form, we are dealing with a human skin.

What is the likelihood of infection while getting the tattoo done?

Anil Gupta: Too many sources like environmental, Non due diligence from the artist, economization enforced, Client contamination and client error on purpose.

Sunny Bhanushali: If you get a tattoo done from a good artist chances of getting infection is low. However, it is very important for the clients to understand the aftercare and follow it.

When were you most satisfied with your job as tattoo artist?

Anil Gupta: Hope I am Never

Sunny Bhanushali : Never

What have you learnt from the mistakes on this job if made any?

Anil Gupta : Reduce the gap in communication by understanding and listener better, Having better approach towards my artist or students.

Sunny Bhanushali: Every new mistake is a step towards mastery. I am not afraid in making mistakes. It’s a sign of growth.

Why would you recommend this profession to opt to the new generation? What can you offer that others can’t?

Anil Gupta: I wouldn’t. I believe they have to search themselves what they would want to opt. My job is to make their decision better not to decide for them. I am more interested in offering what i have.

Sunny Bhanushali: This profession is for those who find freedom in performing art, like sketching and drawing,

What are the greatest professional strengths that the tattoo artist should have?

Anil Gupta: Rise up to your own expectation while fulfilling dreams and aspirations of a client.

Sunny Bhanushali: Person has to be creative, humble, and visionary.

What are the challenges and conflicts at work as a tattoo artist?

Anil Gupta: Depends on person to person, however I have to continually monitor weather i am delivering the best to i am committed to as, I am into the art, living upto the spirit of this Art.  Business angle of job often dilutes the artistic side and then distraction takes away thet purity.

Sunny Bhanushali: none

Your best work so far that you enjoyed inking and cheer till date?

Anil Gupta: You have to ask my client. The level of happiness reflecting on the client, completes the circle without which it does not complete me as an artist.

Sunny Bhanushali: Spartan hyper realistic colour portrait.

What is your favorite part of being a tattoo artist?

Anil Gupta: Leaving a mark on someone’s body and hope they remember me happily for the rest of life.

Sunny Bhanushali: Being Creative

If you could describe your art in one word, what would it be?’

Anil Gupta: Humbleness.

Sunny Bhanushali: Madness

How difficult is it to deal with celebrities which getting their tattoos done? What is their mindset behind getting inked?

Anil Gupta: Celebrities often dwindle with the subjectivity of their importance while the tattoo artist is trying to strike a balance by being productive about their task.

Sunny Bhanushali: Celebrity are more often considered different than us, they are as humble, respectful as anyone of us would be.


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