No issue with bribe, work gets done easily – cityites say aloud

Simply shouting from top of the house and creating a chaos at public places demanding corruption free nation only creates an atmosphere of turmoil.

-Priyanka Chandani

The common man struggles to earn for the day and industrialists are hostile to whiten their superfluous earnings. Development of India with more than 80 political parties with six National polities (24 still not recognized) still looks like an illusion.

Yet the question uproars, whether getting the work done in India is easy or it takes ages and if it is easy then ways are simply to pay extra in other words ‘bribe’ which eventually leads to corruption. Is this subordination creating an unhealthy environment in the country or it is a part of bureaucracy and adequate to all? Absolute India encountered a random people in the city at various places and inspected their views as third party. We first argued with Mindguass Keligbus a tourist from Lithuania seen at Dharavi area, about his encounters with corruption during his travel in India, he said “I read a lot about corruption in India, people bribing and not doing their work because they need more money or favor in doing their duties” I was little upset however in my few last visits to India in Southern part I felt if you bribe someone your work is done”. “I wanted to visit Nagaland and I was told that it is difficult due to some underprivileged tribes the place is not safe, however after my journey to Assam I checked with one of the tourist guides he asked me three times more money than the actual coast, I agreed and discover the place the way I wanted, so I think it is not bad”. said the tourist. If he has a resource then it is ok if he charges extra, it’s his work”. He narrated sharply. However, when asked if the situation is same in Lithuania he looked cynical and said “I just wish this does not happen there ever”.

On the other hand London Based Indian entrepreneur Sanjay Shah spotted in a mall in Malad believes that corruption in India is rational as he got his Driving license avoiding long queues by offering some money to an agent and thus he says “corruption is not that big issue in India it’s just the people who are making it big. My problem was solved just by knowing that agent and paying him directly”.

32years old Sunil Danti working in Indian Railways as a Ticket Checker, TC, has three charges on him. He has been accused of charging extra money for a vacant seat.  When asked, Sunil said “it is hard to run the family with the salary we get, there is nothing wrong in what I am doing and passengers are ready to pay extra”

“Few days back a small ride on a two wheeler made me so proud on myself, I was with my friend and we did not wear helmet and my friend did not have driver’s license too, we were stopped by a traffic police and he was about to impose penalty of 700 rupees but we saved that money as I said I run an NGO I have my links with higher officials.” commented Utkarsha Sinha 37 (Name Change), met at an art exhibition in Juhu. “I am a social worker why can’t I flaunt it” she said smugly.

“Madam I will not give you any more Sukha Puri” this line may sound very common but this is everyday pain of a Pani Puri wala (Indian Street Snack) in Mumbai. Chandan 22, hailing from a small village of Uttar Pradesh his extended family includes parents, two younger siblings and wife. Chandan lives in Mumbai in a 6*11 sized room in a slum area of Kandivali. His work demands nonstop service for more than eight hours with his highly filled Thela (a four wheeler open trolley) which gives him earning of 400 to 500 rupees a day that is apart from his production coast. His earned money is not sufficient for his family back in UP but he has to pay local constables every week and if he declines he would not be able to work at the same place. Why did you give him the money, it’s wrong, they are corrupt? A customer slammed in concern “if I will not give him the money he will not allow me to stand here and I will be unemployed” “I have to look after my family whom I meet once in a year” said the Panipuri guy at Thakur Village. “I denied once and he took me to the police station and beat me so hard that I could not work for 5 more days, so it is better to not to argue with them.” said Chandan casually.

With these encounters we found that getting the work done is easy if you have power and money, on the other hand people who are deprived are bribing to earn their livelihood. Corruption seems more rational to people, they seem to accept the fact that paying extra or under the table is a primary idea of getting their work done easily. However, these are few of the examples stating the acceptance, many might oppose to this but ultimately all are part of the same bureaucracy and following the system is obligatory to everyone since many of questions go unanswerable.


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