BEST will have automatic doors in new buses

Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Trust (BEST) undertakes plans to install automatic doors in each of the new bussed produced.

The plan was procured after the four electric buses were fitted with automatic doors recently. The opening and closing of the doors will be controlled by the drivers of the vehicles. After a bus arrives at a stop, the driver manually controls the opening and closing of the door. Till now, only air conditioned (AC) buses, had this facility.

“The doors ensure discipline in movement of commuters inside the buses. It discourages people from standing at the doors. Automatic doors are very important to ensure safety of commuters. It also controls crowding inside the bus,” a senior BEST official said. “Closing of door is included in the operational model of electric buses. The vehicles would not run without the doors closed. We now plan to continue it in the years to come as buses with modern technology are fitted with automatic doors,” a senior BEST official added.

BEST is going to ply five hybrid buses, procured from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), by the end of the month. The buses will have manually-controlled automatic doors.

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