Congress demands white paper on the FDI investements

A day after the clarification of Maharashtra Government over the allegations of the slump in the FDI investment, the State Congress demanded the government should come up with a white paper on the investment in the state in last three years.

Congress spokesperson and general secretary Sachin Sawant on Tuesday said, the figures of investment are provided in excessive numbers by the government since 2014. People don’t trust this government as the recent report of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) report narrates a different story.

Addressing a press conference at Mumbai party office, Sawant said that recently a report pertaining to corporate investment published by the RBI revealed that 922 corporate companies in the country had proposed an investment plan of close to Rs 2, 64, 000 crores in the banking and other financial institutions in the year 2016-17. Maharashtra received 8.6 percent of the said total investment. which 9.4 percent in the year 2015-16. Other states have performed well than us. Hence the claims of 50 percent of the total investment of the country by the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and industries minister Subhash Desai are proved false.

He said the report exposed the government’s claim and now they should come up with the white paper on the investment. “Government is not handling the industries department seriously. They are playing with the figures and misleading the people. Industries Minister had inked in the MoUs with various companies worth Rs 8 Lakh crore. Out of which, Rs 4 lakh crore had been invested in the state, as claimed by Desai, but he failed to give the details of investment where it took place,” said Sawant.

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