From Dev Sharma to Dev Malik

Currently coming in the real-life issue based film- ‘Muzaffarnagar’ has previously appeared as Neil in Yarriyaan and Rakesh in Heropanti talks about his life and career with Absolute India.

-Meghna Khanna

♦ Why you chose acting as a career?
Since I was a child, I have seen many actors and celebrities coming at my home for Diwali parties and all as my maternal grandfather was the director of NSD, I think this all collectively inspired me together to become an actor.

♦  What would you have become, if not an actor?

Since childhood, growing up in the aura of theatre and acting with nanaji, I have always aspired to become an actor but if I was given a choice other than acting I think I would have played cricket for team India.
I do not play cricket professionally now but earlier I used to play cricket as a professional player.

♦  How was your family’s reaction to your decision to become an actor?
As my nanu was from the acting field and I told my family that I want to pursue acting as my career. At first, they were worried and thought if I were a teen am confused about my career. Therefore, they asked me to prove myself if I am serious or not. As a test to my family, I gave NSD and FTII in Pune cleared both of them to which finally they agreed that I am serious about acting and then they supported me throughout.

♦  What was the turning point of your life?

The day I decided that I have to go to Mumbai now is the time when I think I changed my life on my own.

♦ Which Actor do you admire in the film Industry, whom do you want to work with?

Hrithik Roshan. I belong to an institute ‘Kishore Namit Kapoor’ where he was my senior, during the course I have seen his hard work and dedication that he used to put in one role he was given…I have seen him work live while I got a chance to assist Rakesh Roshan sir in his movie ‘Krish3’
I want to be somewhere where he stands today.

♦  What difficulties have you faced in becoming an actor?

The first one month in Mumbai…I went there on my own to make my name In the industry and I had to live in a PG…the room wasn’t well furnished and made…
there were 2 more people living with me and on my side, the ceiling used to leak in the rainy season and my bed used to get wet…I couldn’t sleep well the whole time and I had to go to the institute at 6 in the morning.
Mumbai initially was taking a test if I can live in this place or not.

♦ Tell us something about your character in this film and how is it different from previous roles you have played?

my character in this film is serious and reality-based..but not is a transition from a fun loving..cheerful guy to a completely changed person overnight.
neil in yariayaan..rakesh in Heropanti and Dev Malik in Muzaffar nagar..every character has been different from other…ofcourse the journey has been difficult..but I think this is what actors are for.
I think I am very lucky that I have recently started working and I am getting such variety of roles from now onwards

♦  What different issue is this film portraying the Muzaffar Nagar riots?

Muzaffarnagar is a real-life-based movie on the riots which took place in 2013 and I think media did play a vital role in creating an awareness about the issue, many people know about what the riots were and what all happened but I think due to the less time and immediate coverage they couldn’t do a deep research about the lives of people there and after effects of the riots. With this film, we are bringing the small things which were left untold and did not get media exposure.

♦  How do you feel about your life right now?

I feel satisfied because my dreams are being fulfilled by the work I am doing now.

 ♦ What are your future plans?

My two more films are coming up after Muzaffarnagar.

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