Experience art with 16 artists

Grains and Canvas is an art group which has its 16th exhibition which 16 artists work held in AIFACS from 03rd November 2017 to 09th November 2017 in New Delhi.

– Meghna Khanna

GRAINS OF CANVAS held its 16th group exhibition across the country and 3rd edition of their Delhi PAINTING & SCULPTURE EXHIBITION with 16 artists and their individual works at AIFACS – RAFI MARG, NEW DELHI from 3rd November to 9th November. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Ravindra Tripathi (renowned art & film critic), Mr Ved Prakash Bhardwaj (renowned artist & art critic), Mr Ashok Bhomik (renowned artist & art critic), Ms Suman Kumar Singh (renowned artist & art critic), Dr Anjani Prasad (renowned artist) with the president, organiser and mentor of the GRAINS OF CANVAS team Mr. Dilip Sharma who believes in each and every student and says, “As a teacher I would love to see all of them growing and touching heights in their lives as an artist.

They all are great in their own fields, I do not bound their ideas of creativity by dictating them as a teacher rather I sit and discuss with them about their work so that we both get a better idea and understanding about art” while talking to the newspaper. Many of the artists participating in the exhibitions have been recognized by few awards in the past like Ms. Mona Chadha who herself is a housewife and tells how important role has her family played to encourage her to pursue her dreams. Youngest of all is Drishti who won an award for her work and got the news while she was interacting with media in the gallery is very excited and positive about her art and this exhibition.

“Generally what we plan to make or start doing is not what we land up doing as our final product, usually something better turns up and we mold it in that way playing with colours and details,” said Ms. Renu Kaur who is the media and event coordinator. “The exhibition is up in the AIFACS building until 9th November and we welcome all and one to come and see the display of art we have work hard upon,” said Ms. Manju Thakur and Ms. Megha Vij who have been associated with the organization and art since past 3-4 years.

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