Little Directors section in ICFFI to turn global

‘Little Directors’, an exemplary path-breaking initiative of the Children’s Film Society, India (CFSI), has now started bearing fruits.


-Dr. Shravan Kumar, Festival Director & CEO, CFSI

This was evident at an interactive session with media, held on the sidelines of the 20th International Children’s Film Festival of India (ICFFI) here.

Little Directors is a section in ICFFI in which children films are made by children themselves. We, at CFSI, have always endeavoured to encourage child directors because they are the film makers of the future. We have shown the films of Little Directors to children in remote areas of India including Bihar through our programmes such as Film Bonanzas. We have also supported little children from remote areas to make and direct short films. One such film “Kachrapur” was screened at the festival.

The Little Directors section has gone global as these kinds of films made by children are planned to be screened all over the world. This, I feel, is a historic step in children’s film industry and would help in bringing out creativity among the young buds.

With the success in reaching out Little Directors programme to last mile in India though World Bank and Asian Centre for Entertainment Education (ACEE), I now would like this initiative to reach out to the children across the globe, and we will be taking required steps towards the same as we go ahead.


At an interactive media session, three young child directors talked about their films and their efforts in making them and shared their experiences. A short film “Kachrapur” was shown to the audience after which child directors Amit and Abhishek, both 13-year-old children, informed how they made this film which has a message for people to get rid of kachara (litters) from their place. The 4-minute film, made by these child directors in which they have also acted, received a huge applause from the audience.

To a question, child director Amit replied that he and his friends came together in developing the story and shooting the film. After finalizing the story, they developed a shooting script and did the shoot. “There were difficulties in finding and finalizing locations, he said.

Another child director, Poonam, who came from a remote area of Bihar, said she had missed a flight to Hyderabad. However, his brother encouraged her to travel alone at his expense to the festival in Hyderabad and she first went by flight to Kolkata and took another flight to Hyderabad.

The audience appreciated her bold gesture and gave her a huge applause.

Aaron, who had mentored these child directors, said he had learnt more from these children than how much he could teach them. He also thanked CFSI for giving the platform of Cinema to the children.

The Little Directors said that they would like to make comedy films in future as they felt good to bring people out of stress and make them laugh.

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