Raj Thackeray lashes out the ruling parties at a rally in Thane

MNS Chief Raj Thackeray came down heavily on the ruling BJP at the state and centre and said that the party was adopting all kind of mean methods to win the current elections in Gujarat he said.

He was addressing a largely attended rally at Thane near the Gadkari Ranghayatan where he made this observation.

In his speech in a schething attack he said that the party had put all its strength in the state in order to fight Rahul Gandhi (Pappu). It was also making use of Hardik Patel factor in the elections just to win the elections. The party was making use of such mean methods as it was afraid now now he said.

In the 2014 state assembly elections we (MNS) presented a blue print for the state to the citizens of the state but now now the BJP is presenting the Blue Film ( projecting Hardik patel) to win the elections. The party has always had the habit of peeping into others house he commented.

Reitratrating that his party would carry on the agitations unabated for the sake and protection of the Marathi Manoos he said and the BJP was conspiring to raze and wipe out the sons of the soil and all its programmes were directed towards that alone.

Till recently the Gujratis and Maharashtrians had cordial relations in the state but the BJP has spoiled the relations and they are strained now now he said.

He also referred to the encouragement to the members of the others states and said that at this rate the locals cannot survive and the government has done nothing for them. He cited the examples of the other states where the interest of the locals was protected which was not not happening in Maharashtra he said.

He also referred to the recent hawker hatao agitation by the MNS which was a total success everywhere andeveryone except the political parties appreciated it.

He also said that all the political parties including the Shiv Sena, BJP and others had joined hands in protecting them.

He also cited the Rs. 2000 crore financial transactions which was involved in the entire process and they do not not want to loose it and will do anything for the sake he said.In his speech he also came down and criticised Thane police commissioner Param Bir Singh for his manner of approach while dealing with the activists and the leaders of the MNS. He took strong exception to the manner in which the police chief put a spike in every step for the preparing of the public meeting by the MNS activists. First they citied the silence zone,( if we cannot hold meetings in grounds where should we hold it. Others may not not hold it in grounds we are not not bothered about he said) then the Rs. 1 crore bond which the police chief demanded from the MNS leaders.

The police chief functions as per his whims and fancies. He should remember that once cases are filed on him we will also file suit for Rs. 200 to 300 crore on him as he decided cases as per merit.

He has been always singling out political party members and leaders, if you have any guts take up those harassing and indulging in eve teasing, and those who attacked the police. Which he will never do he said.

He said that this government was afraid of each and every thing and trying all methods to black out the speeches of the opposition especially the MNS. They shut the power, they also close the channels, etc etc to ensure that the people should not not watch it. But let me tell you this government is coward and crack., By doing this they feel that the citizens cannot get to see the speech, but everying is now now awilable on social media and the people can see it anytime and every time he said.

I have been wanting to come to Thane since long as the agitation of Hawkar Hatao was total success here he said and the presence of the public today for the meeting in large numbers is our strength he said.

In his speech he said that the MNS has been all along fighting for the sake of the locals and every time fought for their rights, but the other parties get the votes and win the elections but we will not not be depressed and will carry on our agitations for their protection he declared amidst repeated cheers from those who were listrning to the speech from the streets.

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