6 booked for selling and purchasing medicines

More than six people, including a drug manufacturer from Delhi, have been booked on Monday for allegedly purchasing and selling medicines for human use while they were meant for veterinary use, police said.

According to the complaint during inspection of the medical shop on October 24, 2017, it was revealed that the shop had on September 19, 2017 sold three Ampoules to a patient Gouri Kumbhar at the Aadhar Hospital which contained the label, Oxymac (Oxytocin Injection I P) manufactured by Macin Remedies, New Delhi . The ampoule contained the label as Dosage: As directed by the Veterinarian Not for Human Use, for Animal treatment only. The officials also seized a total stock of 82 ampoules which were available at the shop it was stated.

In a probe by FDA official revealed that the stockiest also removed the wrapper containing the warning and then sold the ampoules for human use. It was also stated that of the 85 ampoules in the shop the owner could not clarify as to from where he had procured 35 ampoules. The complaint also pointed out that the Oxitocin injection was a Scheduled M drug and it was misused on the cow and buffalo to get more milk.

The further tracking of the purchase of the medicine revealed that the balance 50 ampoules were purchased by Life Care from Shree Jain Pharma Thane, who in turn got it from medicines, who procured it from Romax Pharma, Ghaziabad and it was supplied to them by Macin Remedies, New Delhi the complaint stated.

The complaint also stated that during the search conducted in Thane region a total of 1200 ampoules have been sold to women under 74 bills in different places the complaint stated and added that the samples of the same have been sent for analysis.

An offence is registered under sections 420 rw 34 of the IPC and also sections 17(b), 17(C), 18(C), 18(A) and (6) of Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and also Rules 104-A, 65(3)(1) and 65(6). Those who are booked are the partner of Life Care Medico,(Medical Shop) Ravindra Shirole, Pharmacist Laiita Jinjad- also a partner, and other partners of Life Care, and the coampany Macin Remedies India Ltd, of Rohini, New Delhi and its responsible officials in connection with the case the police said.

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