Never stop dreaming

I have realized that most of the people around the world are in their comfort zone and at the same time they are aware that they are in darker zone.

Priyanka Chandani

I can say that because the last column got me some reviews from the readers accepting the fact that they do not have courage to move out. Anyways, let me tell you one thing this time before writing this article I was thinking for a topic and I always prefer to look around to find a new story and so I initiate the one after my last two week’s experience. As of now I have come out of that comfort zone and it is quite soothing. These days I was reading Friedrich Nietzche, he says “the greatest calamity will fall on humanity the day all the dreams disappear.” This line was enough to make anyone realize that we should never stop imagining and dreaming. Good or bad, does not matter. Important is to be active with thoughts. The whole education of man is because man has dreamed about it. What was the dream yesterday, today is a reality, and what is a dream today can become a reality tomorrow. The creativity is a by-product of dreaming. All musicians, poets are dreamers and hence they create the masterpieces. I do not have much to write today but I have a story to share that I recently read about dreams. And I should not be misunderstood by the concept of dreams, these dreams are not the dreams that Sigmund Freud analyzes. We need to distinguish between the dream of a creative mind and a dream of a sick mind. It is unfortunate that Freud never bothered about the great dreamers who are the foundation of the whole of human evolution. He came across only psychologically sick people. So here goes the story and I believe it will be enough to explain the importance of dreams and imaginations. “Once the famous sculptor Michelangelo was passing through the market where all kinds of marble was available and he saw a beautiful rock, so he inquired about it. The owner said “you can take it for free take it for free because it has just been lying around taking up space. And many years nobody has even asked about it; I don’t see any potential in the rock. Michelangelo took the rock, worked on it for almost the whole year, and made perhaps the most beautiful statue that has ever existed. When Michelangelo had finished the work, he asked the shopkeeper to come to his home because he wanted to show him something. The shopkeeper could not believe his eyes. When he inquired about the beautiful marble, Michelangelo said don’t you recognize? It is the same ugly rock that waited in front of your shop for twelve years. When the shopkeeper asked about how he could think of turning the rock into a beautiful statue, Michelangelo said “I did not think about it, I have been dreaming of making this statue, and when I was passing by the rock, I saw my dream calling me to make it free. So I have done a small job, I have only removed the unnecessary parts of the rock and my dream is free from the bondage. This is the same statue that I was dreaming for years”.
This is the same sculpture which was vandalized by a crazy man Lazlo Toth, a Geologist in 1972. The sculpture was Michelangelo’s one of the most famous works and was called ‘Pieta’ depicting Mary holding Christ’s dead body after the crucifixion. Interestingly when he was asked about this action he said “I also want to become famous, Michelangelo had to work one year then he became famous. I had only worked for five minutes and destroyed the whole statue. And my name has gone around the world as a headline on all the papers.
So, both men worked on the same marble, one was the creator and one was a destroyer. Both had dreams. But the irony is we analyze sick people and their dreams not the psychologically healthy once. Dreaming has got a very wrong connotation otherwise it is the most beautiful word; very poetic.

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