Fuel thieves breach BPCL pipeline in Nashik district

A BPCL pipeline carrying diesel from Manmad in Nashik district to Mumbai was allegedly breached by unidentified fuel thieves in Niphad taluka, police said on Thursday.

The incident came to light at around 6 am, but by then hundreds of litres of diesel had flowed alongside Mumbai-Manmad road. The leak was plugged by 11 am, a police official said.

According to an official from Sykheda police station in Nashik district, the rupture caused the fuel wastage running into thousands of litres. He, however, said the leakage came to notice late Wednesday night in Khangaon Thadi area.

“Thousands of litres of diesel entered nearby agriculture fields as well as the Godavari river,” the
official claimed.

After the leakage was reported , BPCL officials rushed to the spot while the police cordoned off the area. Fire tenders have been stationed around the area, the
official said. Both BPCL and Indian Oil Corporation have fuel storage depots at Panewadi near Manmad in Nashik district. Tankers transport petrol and diesel from Panewadi to various destinations. A case was being registered in Sykheda police station.

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