Make up Tips for Working Women

Make-up for the working woman has to last right through the day. If you are working in an airconditioned office, your make-up will stay fresh enough, but if your job involves travelling, or you are exposed to heat, you will need to “touch up” your make-up. In other words, you have to renew your make-up in a very short time. This means that you need to carry a few make-up items in your handbag.


Things to keep handy
• Tissues are very handy, especially the wet one’s. A powder compact, with pressed powder, is a must. It comes with its own applicator and is most useful to touch up and refresh your face.
• Carry lipstick or lip gloss to touch up your lips after lunch
• Remember to take your comb and brush, as well as a small mirror
• A small bottle of cologne can also help to refresh you.
Make up according to the office lighting and skin type : 
As far as office make-up is concerned, it should be done in the lighting in which you will be seen. If your office has fluorescent lighting as most offices do, your make-up should be applied in the same lighting. If you have a clear skin, leave out foundation. After cleansing, apply a sunscreen with a built-in moisturizer.
For oily skin, apply astringent lotion, instead of moisturizer. Wait for a few minutes and then apply powder. Avoid applying too much and pay more attention to the oily areas of the face. Press the powder all over the face and neck, with a slightly damp sponge. This helps it to set and last longer. Avoid using too much powder around the eyes. Brush off excess powder with cotton wool. Or, you can use pressed powder (powder compact). It reduces oiliness and lasts longer.
If you have a dry skin, try a creamy foundation, but add a few drops of water to it too. The foundation should be as close to your skin colour as possible. For your eye make-up, stick to eye pencils. Or you can line your eyelids with brown or gray eye shadow. This gives a softer effect.
Then, apply mascara. This helps the eyes to look brighter, but prevents the “heavily made-up” look. Mascara should be applied in two light coats, rather than one heavy one. Apply one coat. Allow it to dry. Comb out the lashes with an eye lash comb or brush. Then apply the second coat and repeat the procedure.
Other important details which needs to be taken care of : 
For lipstick, avoid very dark colours, especially those with bluish tones, like dark maroon. Colours look darker in fluorescent lights. Go for copper, bronze, burgundy or wine colour. Or, try light pastel colours like mauve or pink, provided it complements your skin colour. The colours should not be too intense. First outline the lips with a lip pencil, of the same shade as your lipstick. Fill in colour with a lipstick brush. Obviously outlined lips are out of fashion. If you like, you can wear only lip gloss.
Apply a light cologne or perfume. The scents you wear to work should not be too heavy and overpowering.
Make use of your weekend to attend to eyebrows. Keeping them well- groomed helps to save time on working days. Wash and clean make-up brushes. This is another time-saver. Make sure that you have all the make-up brushes you need.
Cleansing is of great importance for the working woman, who leaves home to get to work, battling through traffic and exposing herself to the grime and pollutants in the air. Always cleanse the skin at night, before going to bed, so that you can remove make-up, stale sweat and oil deposits, as well as dirt and pollutants. For make-up colour magic one needs a clear canvas!

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