Shamata: Would love to work with Imtiaz Ali

Shamata Anchan speaks about her ongoing show Bin Kuch Kahe, her love for the director’s works and more

After exploring all the aspects of modelling and doing various ads and print shoots, actress Shamata Anchan wants to keep no stones unturned in acting as well. Shamata Anchan was seen in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Everest as the main lead and is now seen in Bin Kuch Kahe. She has also played an extended cameo in an upcoming Hollywood film Heartbeats. In what seems to be a major step in her career Shamata will soon be making her big screen debut. Excerpts from the interview…

After your Everest stint, how did Bin Kuch Kahe come your way?
The casting directors had seen Everest and my character in it. They called me for an audition and I was selected.

How has your experience been working for Bin Kuch Kahe?
Bin Kuch Kahe is a different genre as compared to Everest. Everest was an adventure drama and this is a romantic comedy. Here I got to be another character. The scenes are also very light and there is no too much drama. It is lot of fun here with the entire cast and crew of Bin Kuch Kahe. We shot in Jaipur and bonded very well. The entire feel on the set is very nice.

How much do you personally relate to your character Myra Kohli?
Myra is a strong headed today’s girl. She is traditional yet modern. Not only me lot of girls would relate to Myra. She is also a family girl and I relate to her that way. Her relationship with her parents and siblings are very similar to what I have with my family members.

How is Sameer Arora as a co-star?
Sameer is a very nice guy and I feel comfortable working with him. Especially, while doing intimate romantic scenes, it could be very awkward unless you know that person. We have a good time shooting and he is a good friend.

What do you think is most challenging aspect of being part of a television daily?
Ours is a finite show. We have shot in advance and I don’t have an experience of the daily show pressures. Even with Everest, we shot the whole series and then it came online. Bin Kuch Kahe also, we shot it about 70 per cent and then it came on air. There is no pressure. I have had a month’s of vacation and we still have a bank of episodes.

Do you wish to also explore the big screen? If yes, what kind of films do you wish to do?
I would like to explore any kind of medium that allows me to act; be it television, movie or web-series. As far the story is interesting and the character has relevance, I would do it. The television content and production values are changing. Both the serials that I did are very similar to movies, both by film directors. So I think the line between television and movies are blurring. As far as the story is good I am game for any kind of medium.

Who are the directors you wish to work with?
I would definitely like to work with Imtiaz Ali. I think he is a great story-teller and I relate to the kind of films he comes up with. Socha Na Tha was one of my favourite films of his. I would like to do something like that, simple yet real.

You also have an extended cameo in upcoming Hollywood film Heartbeats. How were you approached for the same?
Nalini Rathnam is the casting director who has done casting for this film and Everest also. She is a great friend too. So she asked us and I thought it would be great so we did it for her.

Tell us something about your background.
I am a Manglorean but I have been born and brought up in Mumbai. I have lived here all my life. I have come from a family where there is nobody in the creative line like films or television. I took part in Miss India contest and won the south pageant. I did a few television commercials where I was discovered by Ashutosh Gowariker and that is how acting happened.

What are your views on the increasing trend of web-series? Would you like to try your hands there? Have you been approached for the same?
With a lot of competition around, I think there is also lots of scope for the actors today. I was approached for a web-series but I was unable to take it up as I had this show of mine running. I have no time at all. But once I am done with this, I would love to do a web-series, but of course with a good storyline.

Tell us something about your upcoming projects?
I have been bust with shows but I was approached for some other project too. But I cannot talk about it now. I am really excited though!

-Milana Rao

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