Are you ready for Act II

Aging is inevitable and how we perceive it and what we make of it is quite interesting. Forty which many call “fabulous forty” is a time of transition and many revelations that set the course for our further life.

Sunita PatelMen and women around this time do come to a state of being where monotony and responsibility takes the center stage and the person, back stage, fair enough…..But it’s also true that when a person hits forty some thoughts start ticking, what am I doing? Where have I reached? And is this I wanted in my life? It’s a cross road from where you either  make a choice of continuing what you were doing and  sulk and crib about it or choose to re-evaluate and make certain conscious decisions to attend to personal interest and growth.


Look out for changes Like Hem and Haw the little people in the fable “Who moved my cheese”, were taken back once the centre of their life- pile of cheese moved away and couldn’t see it coming , subtle changes that are occurring in ourselves around forty  need to be addressed before they become problems. Here are some of the most common health shifts people experience-  ? Slow metabolism? Dip in stamina? Loss of Muscle mass? Increase in body fat? Bone issues- pain and stiffness? Decline in Libido: due to high stress levels and hormonal changes.? Stress:  because of worries about career, finances, kids, parents, health.? Lack of enthusiasm? Mood changes, low depressed feeling

Action plan: First very important thing to begin with is, having respect and understanding the need to have personal time. It’s not about “having” time but making time for self-care.Physical health- Too vigorous workouts at the gym or no physical activity at all are both not appropriate. Understanding the limitations of age and exploring means to keep physical fitness can be interesting. It is a better option to choose an activity which is closer to heart, fun filled and doable. A balanced diet keeping in mind the need of calcium, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants is very important to maintain good health.

Emotional needs: Paying attention to personal, likes and dislikes, needs and developing effective methods to express and execute them keeps one emotionally healthy. Lot of women find it very hard to address their own emotional needs and feel guilty that they are being selfish. The issue here is not about ignoring your duties towards family that eventually everyone is engrossed doing, but are you taking care of yourself or you are burning out?

Mental health: Acknowledging your stressors and finding methods to unwind, distress or seek help is very essential for positive mental health. Taking break, travelling, being in contact with nature, meeting and bonding with friends, perusing a hobby, exploring something new and challenging and finding joy and happiness in small things helps to maintain good mental health.Social contribution- Giving back to society in whatever way possible and making a contribution boosts the sense of worthiness. When you rise above the monotony and maze of responsibilities and do some act of kindness selflessly towards others be it humans, animals or nature it’s uplifting and fulfilling.So enter in act II with more energy, vigor and enthusiasm with “myself in center stage.”

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