Ankur Nayyar: No ego clashes on the sets!

Ankur Nayyar talking about his work, working experience, relationship with co-stars and more

-Harsha Wadhwani

Ankur Nayyar, who is currently seen as Rana in Meri Durga and Tej Singh in Prem Ya Paheli – Chandrakanta, talks about his working experience, managing two shows simultaneously and his relation with co-stars. Exceprts from the interview…

You are working on two shows simultaneously, how do you manage working over more than one show at a time?
I am currently doing Chandrakanta and Meri Durga. It gets managed because initially when I started working on these shows, I was not required for so many days on both of the shows. Eventually, the track increased but both the production houses knew about it so they made it manageable for me. However, there are days when you have to do shoots outdoor, there is a telecast problem and they both need me at particular time, then it’s like a task. But that happens once in a while.

What kind of relationship do you share with Ananya Agarwal (Durga) off screen?
Durga and my relation off screen are similar to what we share on screen. I mean she is so lovable, such an adorable kid. Now, she is a very good actor too. While shooting, we both know what to do. It’s like table tennis. Most of the times, our scenes are impromptu. Even on the sets, while we are not shooting, we are busy playing pranks and cracking jokes with everyone around. It all happens behind the scene.

When many actors work together ego clashes are bound to happen. Do you find any such thing happening on your show?
There are no ego clashes whatsoever. We do our job and let others do theirs. There is friendly work relationship between all. It would have happened if it were to be my first show. I would have been insecure with my role thinking what if someone overpowers me in the show or what if my scene gets chopped off? But today this is not the case. No one in both of my shows is new. Everybody has been working for years now. So they feel quite secure about their work.

If not an actor, what would you have been?
I am basically from economics background. I have done economics from Delhi University. After that, I was planning to go for London school of economics. I was staying in a hostel so I came to Mumbai for a year. Here, I got an opportunity as an actor so I thought of giving it a try. If it hadn’t worked out, I would have gone back to pursuing economics. I also wanted to get into aviation industry, but never managed to do that.

Do you love singing and dancing?
I sang only once when people forced me to sing on my wedding anniversary. Otherwise, it happens only when you are drunk in a wedding kind of environment and your friends ask you to sing. I am not into singing much. I rather love dancing.

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