It’s heart-wrenching to realise that our country, known for its natural beauty, is suffering the undesirable consequences of  climate change and rapid urbanisation. One stark example is the steady disappearance of the Sparrow. Many of us would remember these beautiful, friendly little birds perched on our window sills, greeting us with their happy chirping every morning. Unfortunately, that’s a rare sight today. The Sparrow population is quickly declining. And if we don’t make a serious effort to Save The Sparrow there will come a time, in the not too distant future, when they will completely disappear.


SanskritiFoundation,an NGO, is making a conscious and sustained effort to fight this unfortunate occurrence.  Mr. Yogesh Amin, founder and trustee of Sanskriti Foundation isnot just a successful businessman with numerous years of experience in a variety of fields, but also a visionary, social activist and leader of innovative initiatives. Under his leadership and guidance Sanskriti Foundationhave begun distributing bird homes and feeders, free of cost, to various individuals and organisations. For several years now, under the umbrella of Sanskriti Foundation, he has extended his efforts even beyond Project Sparrow towards working relentlessly to improve the conditions of the under-privileged in our country. He has single handedly given sight to innumerable patients suffering from cataract by funding their surgeries.


Let’s all come together and pledge to help Save The Sparrow, and bring these wonderful and lovely birds back into our lives. This would not only help preserve a fragile and disturbed ecosystem, but would be a kindness to a harmless creature that truly needs and deserves your help. By joining in the efforts of Sanskriti Foundation, we could give future generations the opportunity to interact with our feathery little friends that were always there to say hello.

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