Wednesday , 25 November 2020

Mother sacrificed son to please goddess mother

Panna. Due to superstition in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna district, a woman allegedly slaughtered her ax with an ax in her 24-year-old son’s sleep in the early hours of Thursday to appease the mother. The incident took place in Kohni village under Kotwali police station area of ​​Panna district. After the incident, there has been a sensation in the area and heavy police force has been deployed. Panna Kotwali police station in-charge Arun Soni said, “At around 4.30 am today, the police received information that Sunia Bai Lodhi had killed her son Dwarka Lodhi (24) with an ax in the neck of Kohni. He said, ‘Suniya Bai used to feel some divine influence for the last two years and such an incident also happened tonight.

In the event of this sentiment, he killed his son Dwarka Lodhi with an ax on his neck. Soni said that after taking legal action, postmortem of the body is being done. He said that the accused woman has also been arrested and her questioning is on. Soni said that the police also seized the ax used in the incident. When she was asked whether she had sacrificed the mother goddess, she said, ‘Initially it is learned that she used to have these feelings and in the event of that feeling she used to say that killing it Is, he has to be killed. The villagers have told this thing today. It will be further disclosed by talking. Sony said that a case has been registered in this regard and a detailed investigation is on.

Ram Bhagat of Kohni village told, ‘Sunia Bai killed her child. She used to get expressions of Goddess Mother and said that I will take sacrifice. He killed his child while sleeping at night. He said, ‘Sunia Bai, her husband and son were in her house at the time of the incident. Her husband and son were asleep. At night Sunia Bai took the ax and cut off her son. She had also cut her child and told her husband that, look, I have done my work. Have taken sacrifice. Has killed the child and go and see.

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