Wednesday , 25 November 2020

CM Shivraj declared Dussehra holiday on 26 October

Bhopal. On 26 October, Dussehra holiday has been declared in Madhya Pradesh. For some time, there was confusion about the holiday of Dussehra. Due to which people were getting upset. The state government was also confused about when Dussehra was. Now Shivraj Singh Chouhan has declared 26 October as the official holiday of Dussehra. Most of the city’s committees had said that it would celebrate Dussehra festival on 26 October.

Please tell that employee organizations had demanded to declare a holiday on 26 October. At the same time, the Third Class Employees Union, United Forum of Bank Employees, wrote a letter to the Chief Secretary, demanding a change of day.

Dussehra festival will be 2 days
State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh said that Dussehra festival is being celebrated on 25 and 26 October this time. Due to which 25 on Sunday, now 26 Monday will also be a government holiday.

Many organizations demanded
The Hindu Utsav Samiti, the largest religious committee of Bhopal city, also had plans to burn Ravana at Chhola Dussehra ground on October 26. Similarly, Ravana will be burnt in a symbolic manner at the Banjari Dussehra ground on this day by the organization of Kolar, in the city, programs of arms worship will also be organized on October 26 by Rajput society, Kshatriya society and other organizations. In such a situation, due to the holiday a day before, many organizations also got angry and the officials of the organization demanded to declare Dussehra holiday on 26 October.

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