MALAAL : Old time Masala

Director – Mangesh Hadawale

Cast- Meezaan Jaffrey , Sharmin Segal, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Ankush Bisht

Rating – 3/5

Jitendra Kumar
STORY: Malaal is the remake of the 2004 Tamil film, 7G Rainbow Colony. The film is set in Mumbai of the late 1990’s. Shiva (Meezaan) is the local boy with all the Mumbai tapori boy characteristics. He is always found to be in bad company with brawls, drinking and other bad habits in his neighbourhood. His life changes when he stumbles upon Aastha Tripathi ( Sharmin Segal). The Tripathi family just moved in the locality after they faced financial issues in business. He soon falls in love but Aastha has her limitations. She is going to be engaged to son of wealthy family friend. Shiva is not serious about anything and her family doesn’t find him a good boy. But soon Aastha too falls for him.  Their completely different background creates problem in their love life.
Review :
The film is a typical love story with old memories of Mumbai Chawls. We have seen many such films in the past too. The director Mangesh Hadawale has tried to put some new effects in this old style of storyline. He is successful in creating the life and atmosphere of Mumbai chawls and festival mood of such localities. Music is good and some songs are listed in music chartbusters.  Meezaan makes a good debut with his powerful screen presence. Sharmin Segal is very good in romantic scenes. The onscreen couple share an instant chemistry which makes them beautiful couple.
‘Malaal’ is the story of the time when love letters were written and there were no whatsApp or such social media to express one’s feelings.  This film is for those who want to relive the old times of romance.

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