SUPER 30 : A super inspiration

Director – Vikas Bahl

Cast – Hrithik Roshan, Mrunal Thakur, Aditya Shrivastava, Pankaj Tripathi            

Rating: 3.5/5

 Jitendra Kumar                                                                                                                                       

Story : This is the story of India’s renowned mathematician, Anand Kumar  (Hrithik Roshan)  who gives shape to ‘Super 30’ – a coaching class in Patna. The coaching institute is designed for 30 underprivileged students who are aspiring to get admission into coveted institutions like IIT.  The film begins with his struggle to study with no money. He is son of postman and gets admission in coveted Cambridge University. He is unable to go for studies because of lack of financial resources. Recognising his talent, a coaching institute owner Lallanji ( Aditya Shrivastava ) picks him to teach math in his institute. There are affluent students in the class and he doesn’t like it. He starts his own classes for poor students and thus the journey starts. He faces many obstacles and problems in his life, but his passion has no stops. He is successful in establishing a superb coaching institute with astounding success rate for IIT admissions year after year with his batch of ‘Super 30’ kids.

Review :

The movie has a strong message that education has become business with strong resources and access to many facilities. It is still a distant dream for thousands of brilliant students to get proper education in the modern days. There are many heartfelt scenes depicting plight of poor students along with Anand in the movie. There are moments when they have nothing to eat. But it doesn’t deter them from their hard work to succeed.  The strong narrative gives hope after struggle.
Hrithik Roshan has once again shown his talent as a Bihari teacher. He captures the mood and character of Anand Kumar successfully. Pankaj Tripathi has also once again proved to be a versatile actor. He has played the unscrupulous politician brilliantly.  Aditya Srivastava has also played well as the villain.
The movie is story of humans and their struggles. It teaches lessons of life. Hrithik fans will like this movie for his different kind of role, not as super hero. It is definitely worth watch for movie lovers.

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