MP government fails to bat an eyelid despite 33 suicides in 20 days

Six more farmers committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday. Another attempted to do, but fortunately survived.

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Six more farmers committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday. Another attempted to do, but fortunately survived. The toll in 20 days (from June 8) has now gone up to 33, but the state government somehow continues to look the other way.

So the crucial question that arises is: what more would it take for the government to wake up to the crisis situation?

On Tuesday, a farmer each killed self in Indore, Khandwa, Dhar, Jhabua and Balaghat districts. The attempt to suicide was reported from Jabalpur. In each case, the deceased farmers have lakhs worth outstanding loans. The family members are making open statements in media that the pressure of inability to pay loan was major reason for extreme step. Yet, the government does not seem to bat an eye.

The Congress is now gunning for the ruling party, trying to pin it in every possible way. On Tuesday, ex-union minister Kamal Nath said that the state government had become totally insensitive on the issue of farmers. “When 29 farmers have committed suicide in 20 days, the BJP is busy taking out Kisan Sandesh Yatra. If they are really serious about the farmers’ issues, they should visit the homes of the deceased farmers and find out their specific problems. Only then would the Kisan Yatra would have any meaning. Else it is a big drama like the one enacted by the CM in Dussehra Maidan in Bhopal,” the senior Congress leader said.

In Indore, farmer Pawan Kewat drank acid at his agriculture field and later succumbed in the hospital. The farmer from Dharnawada in Gandhinagar was reportedly under debt of Rs 2.5 lakh. He had also approached the district administration with problems related to his loan, but had been sent back. Frustrated he committed suicide, sources said.

In Khandwa, Ghasi Ram of Bhuvnaya village in Harsud block hanged himself in the well in his agriculture field. This farmer was under debt of Rs 7-8 lakh and was very worried about repayment, family members told media.

In Balaghat, Dalchand Lilhare consumed pesticide to end his life. The farmer from Jagpur village in Bharveli owned 4 lakh of bank loan. He had recently sold 2 acre out of 3.5 acre agriculture land owned by him and yet was not able to repay the loan and thus took extreme step. Family members and villagers, supported by Congress workers staged a road blockade demanding Rs 1 crore worth compensation for the family.

In Dewas, a farmer Manohar Singh consumed pesticide to end life, sources said. In another case in Dhar district, Bilam of Samitia Khedi village of Tanda consumed poison to end life. He also owned loan from a cooperative society.

In Jhabua, farmer Jahu of Para Chowki in Pithampur committed suicide because he did not have money to give to his son’s in-laws. According to tribal traditions, the family of boy gives dowry to girl’s family. Police has started investigation.

Meanwhile in Jabalpur, farmer Laxminarayan Patel, who drank pesticide to end life because of duress of Rs 7-8 lakh loan owned by him, was saved following medical intervention.

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