Sayani Gupta: I love and worship Shah Rukh Khan!

From theatres to television to big films, here’s a glimpse of Actress Sayani Gupta’s rise to stardom

-Meherzin Balsara

It is said that a mind’s right time to be moulded is during childhood days. What is seen and sensed, that becomes a child’s reality. For actress Sayani Gupta, dancing and singing was part of her since age four. This persuasion led her to move to Calcutta first and then to Delhi. But the journey was not a cakewalk; it did have its own glitches. In a candid conversation, she speaks more about the same. Excerpts…

What paved way for you to choose a career into acting?
I’ve been into theatre and dance since childhood. Even when I moved to Delhi, during college, I was part of numerous plays and I knew I had a knack for it. Though my mother was not quiet in favour that time for me to get into theatre, eventually everything fell into place. There was a time when I also had family pressure to take up another career thus forcing me to do a job in the corporate sector. I was still young but being stuck for about one and half years, I lost touch with dramatics. Through a roommate, I went for a campus interview and workshop in Pune and that were the most exhilarating four days of my life. I felt like a bird freed from the cage. That’s when I made the best decision of my life, to see whether I am cut out for acting or not.

You’ve worked on big projects like Fan and Jolly LLB 2. What was the experience like?
It was great working with such professional and lovely people. I love and worship Shah Rukh Khan. All of these actors I’ve worked with are super cool and humble. You would not feel you’re working with a celebrity, but with any normal person. Perseverance is something that is special about them which have kept them to last so long in the industry.

Your role as a Pakistani-Bangladeshi Lesbian became well renowned. What were the challenges you faced?
This was a role from which I learnt a lot. Playing this character who is bright and amazing but at the same time very intense; it was touching. During shoots we went to places and I met a lot of people whose lives were so inspiring because they had learnt to make the best out of life. Shooting for Margarita, with a Straw was like coming out fatigued yet rejuvenated.

What are your thoughts on the current LGBT issues?
I feel that we are regressing as a nation on this matter. It’s both appalling and bizarre that we criminalise this. We just simply want to deny and not recognise what the true problem is. We all talk about the problems, but do nothing about it.

If not an actress, then what would you be?
Definitely a good detective because I feel I am deep, philosophical and at the same time very logical. I am constantly evolving; we all are.

What message would you convey to the youth of today?
Don’t be self-critical. Believe in what you have. Listen to everyone but don’t make it your thought. No achievement is too big or small and be cautious of the impact you leave on the world. Don’t let success get into your head. Respect yourself and carry yourself with dignity and confidence.

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