It’s a challenge to sound different

Meghdeep Bose who has sung for many Bollywood actors is now on to experimenting more genres, talks about his upcoming projects and more…

Harsha Wadhwani

Meghdeep Bose who has produced music for more than 50 Films and TV series, now turns singer for the Hollywood Flick ‘The Black Prince’. Talking about the same along with his upcoming projects, he spills the beans of his journey and more in a one on one interview.
Tell us something about your Hollywood debut as a singer ‘The Black Prince’?

I have been a music producer in Bollywood and a composer for a really long time now. The composer of this song which is called ‘Duao se roshan’ Andrew Mackay is a British ranger and so he happened to be my long term associate in orchestral works. He found my voice quite suitable for this song and asked me to sing. I liked it so much that I decided to also produce it.

Most of your song are soft and romantic. Is that your genre?
There is no specific genre that I follow. Amaal Mallik approached me only for romantic songs, I have done a patriotic song also for Amaal ‘Tu bhoola jise’ from Airlift. Also the beginning of this year for me marked a very different song, ‘Uff yeh noor’ from the movie ‘Noor’ and it was not a romantic song. I tried a lot to do experiments with rock and roll, with classical music. And yes another one is the coming soon, the music in ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ is where I am again experimenting with electronic music and dance numbers. Being in Bollywood one has to be very versatile. But yes in the initial stage Amaal gave me that kind of songs, which turned out to be mostly romantic or slow songs that made me do that kind of music.

Tell us something more about your music in Tiger Zinda Hai?
It’s a very different sound track, Vishal-Shekhar have any ways been legendary composers and they have their own sound. My challenge was to basically fit into their work place. For me it is a challenge as it has to unique and being Vishal-Shekhar the power has to be really very high pitched. Since it’s for Salman, I am really nervous.

How difficult or adventurous it becomes to work in different languages, industries all together?
Actually it’s basically depending on the composers you are working with. Every task you do is difficult, because every time you make new music you have a challenge to sound different. The real challenge is not the industry but to sound fresh and you have to strive to not repeat what you have done earlier. Just because it has been successful you can’t keep repeating the same sound. So for a music producer it really becomes formula based when it comes to production. My challenge is to avoid this formula based approach, be it Punjab, South or Bollywood.

How important are the actors and their characters according to you while coming up with new songs?
The actors and characters are very important. Like for example while making the song ‘Uff yeh Noor’ we had to keep Sonakshi Sinha in mind, along with the kind of character that she is playing in the movie. It was very important to understand all this before we made the song, so yes the character, the story and person is very important

If not in music industry what else would have you taken as your career?
I would have maybe been a biker. I love road trips and it’s my hobby to ride bike. Whenever I am stuck with certain ideas, I have my writer’s block I go for a bike ride. I have a Royal Enfield Bullet that’s my one and only bike.

Being in music industry what matters the most?
I last sang for Salman Khan in 2015 and that’s where my actual journey as producer started in Bollywood. To all my musician friends, I would say that it’s not the skills, not the craft or anything but basically the journey of a musician that matters the most. One needs to have his own journey.

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